TalkRise helps experienced developers learn new JavaScript frameworks.

We teach live courses with real-world projects to get developers production-ready.

import React from 'react';

export const CourseList = () => (
  <ul className="list-group">
    <li className="list-item">React</li>
    <li className="list-item">Angular</li>
    <li className="list-item">Ember</li>
    <li className="list-item">Node</li>

We approach learning differently.


Flipped Classrooms

Our courses are not "Getting Started" guides.
We focus on advanced topics.

Real Projects

projects are not trivial, immediately deployable, and tested.


Flexibility + Collaboration

Online courses are too Rigid.
We have the flexibility to adapt to you.

Our courses are a perfect combination of online work and live coaching sessions, tailored for experienced engineers.