We help developers make sense of the
JavaScript ecosystem.

So, we're launching a new initiative of free, in-person workshops for Atlanta companies. Schedule today for an on-site workshop with our expert instructors. We offer both lunch-time and evening sessions for development teams of 4-20 members. Our goal is to bring clarity to the wild world of modern JavaScript.

Intro to React

This intro workshop is awesome for very junior developers who are looking to get a taste of React. We'll cover creating components, component composition, and managing state.

(3 Hours)

Intro to React Native

The Intro to React Native workshop is great for React developers who are curious about building mobile apps with React Native. We'll cover getting started with React Native and Expo, as well as using native device APIs.

(3 Hours)

Intro to Node.js

This workshop is geared toward front-end engineers looking to learn more about server-side JS.We'll cover setting up a project, and build simple API with Express and MongoDB.

(3 Hours)

Test-Driven Development for React

This depth-workshop is meant for React developers looking to enhance their testing knowledge. We'll cover snapshot testing, shallow rendering with enzyme, and testing Redux actions and reducers.

(2 Hours)