Node.js Course

This 4-week, 8-lecture course will help experienced front-end JavaScript developers learn to write real-time full-stack JS applications.


Why should we learn Node.js?

“Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.” - Jeff Atwood, Atwood’s Law

Node.js is a fully-featured cross-platform runtime for JavaScript to run anywhere (embedded devices, Linux servers, cloud functions, etc.).

Netflix, NYT, PayPal, LinkedIn, Uber, and more of your favorite companies use Node.js in production for a variety of use-cases because of it’s speed of development, simplicity, effortless scalability, and easy deployment.

This course will guide front-end engineers through the process of setting up a production-ready webserver with Node.js and the excellent Express framework. We’ll cover everything from setting up an Express server to writing custom middleware, authentication, authorization, routing, server-side rendering, testing, and communicating with external services like hosted MongoDB and Stripe.


Our courses are designed with your team’s needs in mind. We’ve included intentional flex-time where our instructors can dig deeper into the subjects your team is most curious about.

TalkRise provides your team with exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. Our real-world example projects show various organizational patterns and various external integrations. This is content is yours to keep even after the course is completed.



  • Professional experience in a Unix environment

  • Experience with Git-based source control

  • API Development Experience


WEEK 1: Setup, Primer, & First App

  • Lab 1:
    • Express Primer
    • Environment Configuration
    • Standard Middleware
  • Lab 2:
    • Application Structure
    • Routing
    • Authentication
    • Testing

WEEK 2: Advanced Express

  • Lab 3:
    • Database Setup
    • Database Model Schemas & Validation
    • ORD & Database Queries
    • Database Statics & Authorization
    • Parameter Validation
  • Lab 4:
    • Error Handling
    • External Services
    • Server Rendering

WEEK 3: Running in Production

  • Lab 5:
    • Process Management
    • Analytics
    • Error Reporting
    • Admin Portal
  • Lab 6:
    • Deployment on Heroku
    • Final Project Lab

WEEK 4: Final Project

  • Labs 7 & 8:
    • Flex & Final Project Lab

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