React Native Course

This 5-week, 10-lecture course will help experienced JS developers extend their skills to write mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Why should we learn React Native?

React Native is quickly becoming the industry standard way to write high-performance mobile apps with web technologies! Facebook, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Walmart, and UberEats have already pushed out their production apps with this awesome platform.

React Native is not a hybrid platform- it actually compiles your JavaScript code to run natively on iOS and Android allowing you to build responsive, fully-native apps!

This course takes the unique approach of targeting iOS and Android while sharing as much code as possible! We’ll cover everything from setting up a React Native project to building for production, including Redux, error reporting, analytics, Apple/Android Pay, animations, and platform-specific styling.



Our courses are designed with your team’s needs in mind. We’ve included intentional flex-time where our instructors can dig deeper into the subjects your team is most curious about.

TalkRise provides your team with exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. Our real-world example projects show various organizational patterns, external integrations like native maps, Apple/Android Pay, authentication, persistent storage, animation, and build automation. This is content is yours to keep even after the course is completed.



  • Professional JavaScript experience

  • Experience with React-Redux

  • Professional experience in a Unix environment

  • Experience with Git-based source control


Pre-Work: Intro to React Native + Your First Project


WEEK 1: Setup, Primer, & First App

  • Lab 1:
    • Installation
    • Build Systems
    • Running on Device
    • Application Lifecycle
  • Lab 2:
    • Native Components
    • Event System
    • Forms & Keyboard
    • Styling
    • Offline Behavior

WEEK 2: Application structure

  • Labs 3 & 4:
    • Redux
    • Navigation
    • Persistence
    • Authentication
    • Developer Tools

WEEK 3: Integrations

  • Lab 5:
    • Error Reporting
    • Analytics
    • Maps
    • Apple Pay
    • Android Pay
  • Lab 6: Flex

WEEK 4: React Native in Production

  • Lab 7:
    • CodePush
    • Build Automation
  • Lab 8:
    • Final Project Lab

WEEK 5: Flex & Lab

  • Labs 9 & 10: Flex & Lab

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