React Course

This 4-week, 8-lecture course will help experienced JavaScript developers become proficient in React-Redux. This course takes developers from the basics of build systems, React components, and application lifecycle through advanced React-Redux integrations and testing.


This flipped-classroom course requires students to prepare for lecture with readings, videos, and structured, independent work on example React web apps. During lectures, our instructors will cover advanced topics, debug applications, and cover real-world issues faced by professional React developers.


Our courses are designed with your team’s needs in mind. We’ve included intentional flex-time where our instructors can dig deeper into the subjects your team is most curious about.

TalkRise provides your team with exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. Our real-world example projects show various organizational patterns, external integrations like maps, credit card processors, auth, persistent storage, and more. This is content is yours to keep even after the course is completed.



  • Professional JavaScript experience

  • Professional experience in a Unix environment

  • Experience with Git-based source control


Lab 1 Preparation:

Lab 1: React StockRoom - Milestone 1

Lab 2 Preparation:

Lab 2: React StockRoom - Milestone 2

Lab 3 Preparation:

Lab 3: React StockRoom - Milestone 3

Lab 4 Preparation:

Lab 4: Testing React StockRoom + FLEX-TIME

At this point, your team will be finishing their Milestone 3 Redux implementation and using additional flex-time to practice using Jest tests for component snapshots, Redux actions, and Redux reducers.

Labs 5 & 6:

Labs 5 & 6 introduce our second sample project OrderMan, an order management solution, to our students. This project uses Redux from the get-go and integrates testing as well.

Labs 7 & 8:

This is designated as flex-time. We schedule these labs on purpose to help students work through the OrderMan project, learn more about testing and debugging React-Redux apps, and related topics your team is interested in.

At this point, your team should be ready to write production-ready React-Redux apps!

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