Teaching with TalkRise

We're looking for passionate, qualified JavaScript experts to coach students in real-world, advanced topics.


We've got the clients and the curriculums, we're looking for instructors to help us with live, flexible instruction.

Our "flipped-classroom" requires students to complete pre-work at home to learn basic concepts. We want you to teach the hard stuff that tutorials don't cover. We're looking for experts that work daily with React, Angular X, Ember, or Node to help our students need to write production-ready, deployable code.


  • 3 days per month live Instruction (in-person or online)
  • 2 Hours/Week of "Office Hours" via Slack
  • Guidance on Curriculum Development


  • $2k/course (3 day training)
  • Cash Bonuses for Excellent Reviews
  • Cash Bonuses for Curriculum Enhancement & Lesson Plans

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