Angular (v4)

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Angular (v4)

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The course takes developers from the beginnings of TypeScript, the preferred language in Angular, to building fully-tested, deployable Angular applications.

Our courses use a flipped classroom model, and include three full-day, live instructor sessions spread out over one to three weeks. We're teaching several upcoming courses, select yours below:

Live Session Dates:
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How We Teach

TalkRise classes are taught using a "flipped classroom" model. That means we ask students to complete some basic assignments before each in-person lab, so that ALL lab time can be focused on actually building real-world projects and writing code (fingers on keyboard). 

Furthermore, our flipped classroom approach gives us the flexibility to have team’s needs in mind. We’ve included intentional flex-time in sessions two and three where our instructors can dig deeper into the subjects your team is most curious about.

How It Works

Before each of the three sessions, students will be assigned curated readings, videos, and custom-built projects. These will be tailored specifically for the part of the project students will be coding hands-on during the next live session. Furthermore to help our students, we've created a custom learning management system to manage the content, discussions, quizzes, and assignment submission in one place.


This course is designed specifically for experienced JavaScript developers who have never or are just starting with Angular. We do not recommend taking this course if you've never written JavaScript for a living before or aren't extremely comfortable with it.


Our curriculum covers everything developers need to know to build real, production-ready Angular apps. This includes:

  • TypeScript
  • Angular CLI
  • Components
  • Templates
  • Routing
  • Forms
  • Modules
  • Directives / Pipes
  • Services / Dependency Injection
  • Testing

We've also created exclusive, custom-built sample projects to help our students gain some real-world experience. These projects are covered in-depth during lab sessions, where our instructors help students deal with their specific issues and questions. Each project is broken down into bite-sized milestones to help our students learn very specific topics in a structured way.


9:00AM - 9:15AM - Announcements

9:15AM - 12:00PM - Work on Project (Writing Code)

12:00PM - 1:00PM - Working Lunch

1:00PM - 4:45PM - Work on Project (Writing Code)

4:45PM - 5:00PM - End Of Day Review



Our sessions are held at:

1117 Perimeter Center West
Atlanta, GA 30338

Parking: Parking is plentiful and FREE

MARTA: We're just across the street from the Sandy Springs MARTA station on the Red Line.

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